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this is the


a group coaching program for brand designers

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

You knew that because you came here with a plan

You are ready to take action

You are ready to get closer to being booked out months in advance

You are ready to have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want

You are ready for a big transformation

Enrollment is now closed. Join the waitlist to be the first to find out when the next rendition opens up for enrollment.

This was definitely the best investment I have made this far in my business! – Ruby

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hey there, BRAND DESIGNER!

I’ve been in your shoes.

I started my brand design business as a side hustle, landing a client here and there, and slowly building up a more sustainable business.

After going full-time in my business and working my booty off to go from $1k months to $5k, I started to realize the power of working on your business and sticking to a plan could have on growth and scalability.

Throughout my journey as a brand designer, I began to coach my clients on their brand strategy and with time realized that my true passion lay in coaching and mentorship. That is when I made the decision to pivot into coaching so that I could help other designers learn more of the business side of things so they could get booked out and achieve true freedom.

With my background in business, marketing, and my own experiences as an entrepreneur, I bring in my signature framework to give you that competitive edge.

I’m here to help you stand out authentically so that you can share your unique power and make bank. At the end of the day, my main priority is to make sure you stop wasting time and make your dream life a reality sooner rather than later.

The waitlist to join the Booked Out Freedom Accelerator program is now open.

I want to keep this program as intimate as possible so that you get more 1:1 time during group calls and so that everyone gets a chance to build strong relationships with other members.


Because of this, spots are limited.

When I’m not coaching clients on all things biz and branding, you can find me with a big glass of wine, watching Spanish shows on Netflix, and making paella. Let’s be honest, I’m totally meant to live in a Spanish villa!

What does freedom look like to you?

Meet Kasey

"Working with Steph was truly an eye-opener. She has a WEALTH of knowledge and being able to have access to that is amazing.


Steph is also very conscious that it is your business so you get to do what feels right to you. If there is something she is suggesting that you don’t like for whatever reason, she helps you find something that works for you.


I have gained confidence in my business mission and strategy. I know how to attract more clients and have been putting in the work to get those funnels up and running (Pinterest, email marketing and freebie). My overall process of working with a client has greatly improved too!


I would definitely recommend other people work with Stephanie. It’s like a no brainer. She is friendly, fun and so helpful!! Your business will be booming in no time."

what we'll cover


Standing out and becoming the go-to expert

Creating a solid foundation for your business

Intro to mindset through self-care

+ bonuses


Attracting and converting dream clients

Successful launching for higher profit

+ bonuses



Enhancing your design process

Attaining true freedom through passive income

+ bonuses

This program is for brand designers that are ready to completely transform the way they run their business. You have to be ready to put in the work because we are going deep inside of this program and leaving no rock unturned.

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group coaching for designers social proo
group coaching for designers social proo
group coaching for designers social proo
Image by Emily Bauman


group coaching program


3 Months of Coaching

Seven (7) Group Coaching Calls

Three (3) Group Wine Hangouts

(Q&A calls)

One (1) 1:1 Coaching Call

Access to a Group Chat for Support

Free Access to The Design Experience Templates


Two (2) 1:1 Coaching Calls

Private Message Support

Content Review

ready to become a BOFA member?
Meet Ruby

"Working with Steph allowed me to build my confidence and be able to raise my prices. She was also able to provide me with many ideas that would help me gain leads and build an email list. With Steph's help, I was able to step into my uniqueness and create what is now my signature framework (because who said we all have to do it the same way). She provided me with so much support! When a question was asked, she didn't give an answer, she provided top-notch responses (1 question would have a multiple-step break down to help implement). Everything about this program was amazing and I would 1000% recommend working with Steph to everyone. Steph was amazing to work with!"

Meet Halli

"Between client work, marketing on social media, and establishing processes, it felt like I couldn't keep up, but now I have a better grip on how to manage everything and feel like I'm in charge again. BOFA helped me gain confidence in coming up with a plan and clarity on what to charge for my services. It also provided me with the tools to create a successful launch plan that will book more clients. 


I loved the community and connection I received from being in the program. I'm now working with Steph 1:1 to continue accelerating my business growth."

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client testimonial
client testimonial
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coach for designers social proof.jpg
let's get you the results you want sooner rather than later!

meet STEPH

Steph Wharton

Steph has an immense love for branding, fine-tuning processes, and cutting through the clutter.​

Having started off her entrepreneurship journey as a brand designer, quitting her 9-5 and scaling her design business, she knows exactly what you're going through and what it takes to make it in this industry.

Combining her training skills and her love for teaching, she has created a group coaching program to help you get booked out and attain freedom sooner rather than later.