Build the foundation to your brand and business so that every decision, offer, and launch is perfectly aligned and designed to succeed.


The Brand Strategy Kit is a 9-chapter kit designed to help you easily navigate how to structure your business, set goals that will benefit your business, as well as package and position yourself in a way that speaks directly to your ideal client.


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You’re pushing out content daily on all the platforms but you don’t seem to be getting meaningful traction—why is it not working??

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You have so many things on your to do list and you don’t know how to prioritize them which is causing some major overwhelm

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Not everything that you do brings you joy and there seems to be a disconnect. How can you make money doing something that you’re actually passionate about? Is it the offer? Is it the people you’re working with?

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Your messaging feels like everybody else’s and it’s not really having a strong impact on your audience (aka no conversions)

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You have some clients rolling in (or crawling indecisively) and you’re not sure how to get them to run to you


For a clear plan that’s specific to you and your business that will help guide you so that you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (yes, freedom!)

Every piece of content you put out speaks directly to your audience and positions you as the go-to authority in your niche

Dream clients will start showing up in your DMs left, right and centre

You’ll finally start seeing consistent income months (think $5k, $10k, and more!)

To be working inside your zone of genius where not only do you provide incredible transformations for your client but you actually LOVE every bit of what you do!

But you're not seeing it, yet.


I was running my business for about a year on the side, getting a client here or there, charging close to nothing because I didn’t think I was worth more, and feeling deflated and lacking confidence.

How was my business supposed to grow? How was I going to take it full time? How was I going to take it to the next level?

Then something changed for me.

Everything I was preaching to my clients about brand strategy was something I had neglected to do myself.

After digging deep into my purpose and my passion, digging deep into my ideal client’s desires, and covering all of the strategies and methods that go into creating a strong brand, I was left with the perfect solution.


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you are a creative entrepreneur or business coach

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you are new to entrepreneurship or your business is growing and you don't have time to re-strategize

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you want help figuring out who your ideal client is and how to attract them

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you want to be more strategic about the people you attract and work with

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you need a brand story and messaging that your audience can connect with

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you understand branding is more than just visuals and need help creating that brand for yourself

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you are not sure if you are pricing your services right


Inside the 9-chapter kit you will learn the ins and outs of brand strategy and how it can help you take your business to the next level. Whether you are just starting out in your business or you need to pivot to see real results, the kit is exactly what you need.

Inside the 9 workbooks, I’ve designed specific questions and prompts that will help you create a well thought out and realistic path for success, how to craft your offers so that they provide the best results to your newly defined ideal client persona, as well as how to craft your messaging and your story so that you can attract and convert them.

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Steph is the QUEEN of brand and business strategy. She helped me get super clear on my goals and gave me realistic targets to achieve to move my business forward. She is always available to support me via DM and is my one-woman cheer squad! Her advice has been invaluable, not only for my business but also for my confidence in myself at being able to achieve my dreams.

Hollie D., Designer


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work with dream clients, not just anyone for the sake of a paycheque

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become an authority in your field that people recognize and trust

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stop wasting time with various strategies

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launch a new offer that your audience cannot resist

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take your business to the next level

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Going through the brand strategy kit with Stephanie has been such a rewarding choice for my business. She not only encouraged and supported my every step of the way, she helped bring clarity to my business that I've never had. I've always struggled with consistency in my voice and messaging, and it's because I didn't have a clear brand voice or strategy. Stephanie changed all of that. I now have a clear and defined brand strategy, have built a rock-solid foundation, and am reminded every day why I'm building this business. I highly recommend this brand strategy kit and working with Stephanie. I promise you it'll be one of the best investments you make for your business!

Kirsten S., Pinterest Manager




9 chapters breaking down the steps you are ready to take in your business to solidify your brand and overall strategy.

 9 workbooks with prompts designed to help you DIY your own brand strategy (including but not limited to a specific action plan to grow your business, your ideal client persona, their pain points, your packages and pricing, and your positioning and messaging).

Resources List

Investment: $347


Stephanie’s brand strategy kit is my favourite and most powerful resource. If you’re like me who started a business out of passion but without planning, I’d say you can go right this minute and get the kit because it’s gonna make your life so much easier. I have some other brand strategy resources but struggled with them because they were just so complex, and I could never go through them. But Stephanie’s kit is super to-the-point with simpler steps and great worksheets to follow-up. It made my brand message so much more clearer which helped me to find the right kind of clients and at the same time niche down my services to what’s best for me.

Diljeet K., Designer


Mercedes B., Photographer

Stephanie was so patient, cooperative and understanding. Her responses were always so quick and throughout the entire process, she was always so invested. I felt like she genuinely cared about my brand and business.

strategy cient testimonial

Tina L., Designer

Steph is incredible to work with, she allows you to see the bigger picture and really breaks down the path for success. I love working with her and will continue to do so as my business expands!

strategy cient testimonial

Jennifer H., Designer

Steph was a great help! She made me feel supported and inspired. She helped me strategically craft my tagline that I would speak directly to my dream clients right away. They now know what I do, for who and the transformation I provide. She was very approachable and full of great advice!


Are you ready to stop trying all the things and follow a process designed to get you the results you are looking for?



Steph Wharton

Steph has an immense love for branding, fine-tuning processes, and cutting through the clutter.

Combining her training skills and her love for teaching, she has created a thorough kit designed to show you the way and give you the best resources and tools to enhance your brand on social media.