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A group coaching program that shows you how to get wildly visible through impactful leadership and powerful collaboration opportunities so you can get booked out faster and scale to $7k months + beyond.

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It’s really freaking hard to work both INSIDE your business as well as on it…

Especially when trying to find clients can be a full-time job in itself!

As an entrepreneur, you do everything.

You’re the service provider, marketer, salesperson, virtual assistant, designer, photographer, not to mention trying to manage all of your finances ( are you supposed to know what to write off at tax time?!).

All the while, you’re wanting to step into your CEO role and focus on money-making activities that will help land you clients, like:

  • Showing up on Instagram stories, posts, and maybe even make a fun Reel that will go viral and bring in 15 new inquiries

  • Setting up your Pinterest funnels to your passive offers so you can start making a couple of thousand dollars a week on autopilot

  • Taking the time to dive into your email list (something you actually own but have been ignoring this entire time) and start booking out your offers behind the scenes

  • Building relationships on a much deeper level through stories and the DMs that leads to them wanting to work with you with little to no objections

But how are you supposed to do all that when you’re already maxed out on time?

You’ve been seeing success landing clients but in order to reach that next level in your business (hello $7k+ months), you need to be able to attract clients without spending more time looking for them.

You know you’re capable of BOOKING out your business MONTHS in ADVANCE but it’s just not happening (yet!)

You know your ideal clients inside and out, you have a clear niche laid out, and you keep showing up and doing all the things but something isn’t quite working.

Something is missing.

It’s like your audience doesn’t yet see you as a freaking leader which is holding them back from taking action. 

When your community becomes obsessed with you, not only do dream clients want to work with you but other leaders want to collaborate with you too.


They want to pay you to share your zone of genius with their community, which in turn exposes you to thousands of new potential clients.

By collaborating with others, you can become wildly visible in ways that allow you to protect your energy while still getting massive exposure to untapped audiences.

Let me ask you...

  • Do you find yourself seeing amazing results one month—booking all the clients & feeling like you’re finally about to “make it”—then the next month feels as if all your leads suddenly dried up?

  • Do you find that when you are busy with client work that you have little to no time to put in a REAL effort into promoting your offers for the future?

  • Or even when you do make an effort to show up, people don’t immediately get all excited and inquire about your offers?

  • Do you ever wonder if the reason why you’re not consistently booking out your business is that you’re not “well known” enough to have people lining up to work with you?

  • Do you feel that you are lacking enough leadership status and visibility that would allow your community to become highly obsessed with you and your business? Causing you to be wildly in demand?

If you said “holy shit yes” to any of the above, you’re in the right place!

I am the freaking queen of leadership + visibility and I am ready to share with you the exact methods that allowed me to become wildly visible and attract over $35k in sales through connections alone.

Just because you’re NOT making 6-figures YET doesn’t mean you can’t have people LINING UP waiting to WORK with YOU!

In Out of the Blue Clients, you will learn how leadership and collaboration can make you wildly visible so that you can attract clients to you in the DMs with ease (no more hustling on Instagram trying to find your next client).

Through a combination of live trainings, hot-seat coaching, and ongoing message support, you will be able to:

  • Develop deep-rooted confidence and position yourself as a leader that attracts spicy hot leads asking how they can work with you every week

  • Put in less hustle into finding clients and more time responding to the 15 DMs you just woke up to from folks who are magnetized to your CEO energy

  • Gain massive exposure to untapped audiences and have dream clients to come to you while you relax at the beach

  • Increase your conversion rate to 80%+ as well as easily convert clients in the DMs (no more sales calls if you don’t want them)

  • Make sales easy, allowing you to finally hit those $7k and $10k months

  • Book out your business 3+ months in advance and finally relax as you don’t have to worry about where your next paycheck is coming from

When you join Out of the Blue Clients, you take that first step to booking out your business without burning yourself out in the process.


Get ready because you are about to have your mind blown at all the untapped potential for you to scale your business with ease.

OUT of the BLUE CLIENTS is for the multi-passionate entrepreneur—like you—who is ready to…

  • Operate from your zone of genius and have people inviting you to be interviewed on their podcast and share your unique brilliance with their community (aka - a whole bunch of new leads who see you as the expert!)

  • Ditch all of the rules and show up as your unapologetic self: real, messy, weird, and not overthinking every single thing you do

  • Ditch the hustle of doing allll the things and start prioritizing balance, beach days, and patio sangrias every weekday at 3pm (that’s your new happy hour!)

  • Make a greater impact by helping your clients thrive in their own business

  • Get paid by entrepreneurs making multiple six-figures to put on workshops and guest trainings inside of their masterminds

  • Have space and energy to create your new course so you can watch as passive income notifications flood your inbox while you host your friends for a night full of appetizers, games, and laughing so hard that you almost peed a little


“But I’ve TRIED so many MARKETING STRATEGIES that DIDN'T HELP at all. How is this PROGRAM any DIFFERENT?”

Simply put, this is a solution that you haven’t tried before.

It is something you haven’t thought of that’s going to help put your business on the map and get you seen by dream clients that you would have otherwise never gained exposure to.

This program shows you exactly how to:

  • Land speaking gigs inside of summits that give you exposure to over 6,000 dream clients, increase your email list by 400 leads, and make thousands of dollars in passive sales

  • Get paid to put on guest trainings in front of new audiences who immediately reach out and fill out your application so they can work with you

  • Show up in a more impactful way that allows you to land more clients while protecting your energy

  • Have entrepreneurs with 20k or even 40k audiences reach out to you to host a masterclass together that brings in passive income

  • Land podcast interviews that continue to bring in new clients to you months and even years after the episode airs

Not only are these strategies built to attract dream clients who willingly reach out to you inquiring about your offers, but it also lights a fire under all of those marketing strategies you’ve tried before by giving you spicy hot leads you can actually market to.

Whether you attract leads or collaboration opportunities that can then attract more leads and land clients, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

Through leadership, visibility, and even collaboration, you can finally start to make significantly more money by planting the seeds that will grow into clients reaching out to you seemingly out of the blue.



I wasn’t always confident in my ability to consistently land clients.


There was a time when I would spend most of my day scouring Facebook group posts looking for clients without much success. 

As I continued to grow and attract more clients however, I realized I had stumbled upon something.


A lot of my success looked like dream clients filling out my applications, sliding into my DMs asking how they could work with me, and even purchasing my passive offers—all seemingly out of nowhere!


That’s when I decided to reverse engineer my success. By doing so, I uncovered my signature framework for attracting spicy hot leads seemingly out of the blue: 

Leadership, collaborations, and massive visibility.

Now I’m sharing all that knowledge with you in this group coaching program!

All the methods and strategies that helped me bring in over $35k in sales through collaborations are right here, ready to help you do the same.

I can’t wait to see you inside OOTBC!

Meet Sophié

"OOTBC has taught me so much about how to position myself as a leader, how to earn my audience's trust, how to have a better content delivery that attracts leads. Thanks to the collaboration pitch, I was able to secure a collab and pitch to 2 other creatives about a possible collab, one resulting in a client, and a referral to another lead. All of this within days of implementing what was taught in OOTBC. I cannot recommend this enough. Plus there are so many juicy bonuses included that facilitate implementing the strategies!"

what folks have to say about OOTBC + other wins:

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WOULDN'T you LOVE it if...

  • You were booked out 3+ months in advance with a waitlist full of dream clients itching to be the lucky ones to work with you next?

  • You could double or even triple your prices, and have clients ready to say YES right in the DMs?

  • You could invest back into your business without having to first “double-check” your budget to see if you can afford it?

  • You had enough money left over to put a downpayment on your dream home—the one with the gorgeous courtyard and inground pool—without batting an eye?

  • You could stop launching every single month without worrying about where your next client was coming from because your community is full of spicy hot leads?

You can have all that and more.


It’s time to give you the tools to help get you visible like never before so you can become wildly in demand. 



OOTBC will show you how to position yourself as a leader, gain massive visibility and exposure through collaboration, and attract dream clients without the hustle of having to find them on your own.



  • 4 Non-Negotiables of Leadership

  • Optimizing + Leveraging Your Existing Audience

  • Wild Exposure into Untapped Audiences

  • How to Book Visibility Opportunities

  • Position Yourself as a Leader

  • Monetizing Visibility

  • Converting Raving Fans into Paying Clients

  • Leadership + Confidence

  • Paid Visibility (FB Ads)

  • Hot-Seat-Coaching



  • 3 Months of Group Coaching

  • 9 Live Group Coaching Calls

  • Unlimited Group Voxer Message Support (during business hours)

  • 4 Bonus Modules

MEET the GUEST coaches!

Makenzie Conklin

Leadership + Confidence

Melissa Litchfield

Paid Visibility through Ads




3-months group coaching

9 live group coaching calls

Group Voxer support

4 bonus modules




3-months group coaching

9 live group coaching calls

Group Voxer support

4 bonus modules



social proof of what becomes possible

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Meet Jeanne

"Steph really gives so many tips and a lot of encouragement! I feel like now I have a good set of tools and feel more confident about how to use them to create connections and start collaborations. It's not a subject that is widely discussed so it's really useful!"


I know how hard it can be to stand out in the sea of competition, especially when you’re within the first couple of years of your business.

OOTBC will break down how you too can gain massive exposure into untapped audiences and become wildly in demand.

Time to step into your CEO role and start making bank!

Meet Zsofi

"Out of the Blue Clients is full of hands-on tools, so you'll definitely wanna join if you lack leads towards your business. Steph is very good at explaining your opportunities and raising attention to potential mistakes. No matter your personality, you'll find at least one action you're comfortable trying, and the rest will follow!"

frequently ASKED questions

When does the program start?

Applications are currently being accepted for a start date of May 24th, 2021. The earlier you apply, the higher your chances of being accepted into the program are as spots are limited.

When will the live coaching calls take place?

Once doors to the program close, we will coordinate with members to find a time that best fits the group. Should you be unable to attend a call, replays will be made available.

Is this program tailored for a specific industry?

No. These methods can be applied to any niche or industry as long as you are an online service-based entrepreneur.

Meet Lucy

"I love Steph's approach to building relationships with your audience and being present to share expertise and value, rather than pushing a sale. It's an approach that really resonates with my values and makes the aims seem very achievable from where I am now. OOTBC provides step-by-step ideas for implementation which I'm sure I will continue to refer to in the future."

Ready to check your IG notifications and find it full of dream clients asking you to send over the contract?!