It’s your turn to become a sought after leader that effortlessly attracts


OOTBC is a course about attracting dream clients out of the blue through leadership and collaboration. I’m here to show you how you can implement the strategies that I’ve used to book 18 collaborations in under 7 months and attracted 5-figures in out of the blue sales!

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LANDING clients CONSISTENTLY can be a lot of WORK

You only have so much time in the day, only so many followers on social media, only so many subscribers on your email list (wait—do you have an email list?), and only so many people watching your stories and engaging with your content.

You end up spending most of your time looking for clients as opposed to landing them that you’re left thinking: When will I have the time to focus ON my business? When will I have the time to grow?

So you go on a lil creep sesh on Instagram and start comparing yourself to your competition. There they are, landing wicked gigs on podcasts and summits, talking about how their DMs are blowing up with new inquiries… All the while, you’re sitting here like AAARrrgggg!

Here’s the secret as to why your competition keeps scaling and you’re still *stuck* (for now!)

They are leaders

They do not play small

They are not afraid to show up

They are masters of connection

They do not fear competition

They know how to sell

Want to know another lil secret...?

There’s absolutely no reason why YOU can’t be just like them

& I’m here to show you how



A 5 module course that follows my signature framework to help you land clients with ease.

This was created with online service-based entrepreneurs in mind, who are ready to position themselves as leaders, to connect with others, and make a greater impact in the online world.

Meet Sophié

"I've been a designer for 4 years, however, I've always worked for others, and just two months ago I started working for myself, this course has taught me so much about how to position myself as a leader, how to earn my audience's trust, how to have a better content delivery that attracts leads. Thanks to the collaboration pitch that is included in the course I was able to secure a collab with a fellow designer and pitch to 2 other creatives about a possible collab, one resulting in a client, and a referral to another lead. All of this within days of implementing what was taught in the course. I cannot recommend this course enough, straight to the point, clear and so helpful, plus there's so many juicy bonuses included that facilitates implementing the strategy!"

Let’s talk about what becomes possible when you embody your CEO-self through leadership and connection…

  • You become more visible in your niche and stand out against the competition as the go-to expert

  • You spend more time building the business of your dreams and less time scouring the internet for your next client

  • Other leaders and clients start to pop up in your DMs asking how they can collaborate and/or work with you

  • You gain more confidence in your ability to lead and make an impact, all the while gaining more exposure for your business

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"[This course] is making me think back and wonder how much of my success thus far has been through your guidance, direct or indirect." - Kathryn H.

what we're COVERING inside OOTBC:

Specific steps required in order to stand out, make an impact, and begin to attract leads out of the blue


Module 1: Leadership Pillars

Module 2: Collaboration Methods

Module 3: Education + Making an Impact

Module 4: Selling + Converting Leads

Module 5: Gaining Confidence

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11 PIECES of wicked BONUS content

BONUS: Market Research Questionnaire Sample

BONUS: Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

BONUS: Your Expert Speaking Topics

BONUS: Collaboration Masterlist

BONUS: Collaboration Inspired Action

BONUS: Collaboration Pitch (Swipe Copy)

BONUS: Different Ways to Deliver Trainings

BONUS: Mini Training Formula

BONUS: Points of Sale

BONUS: Collaboration Opportunity

BONUS: Go-to Tech Items

Meet Natasha

"I took Steph’s course OOTBC and oh my gosh!!!!! It is so so so value-packed with lessons that are not only in-depth, but they’re easy to go through. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have hours to spend on each lesson and Steph is a pro at making her lessons jammed packed with value, but efficient on time. If you’re looking to attract those dream clients, earn crazy money, and crush your biz every month then you NEED this course!!!!!


10/10 recommend!!!!"

Meet Jeanne

"Steph really gives so many tips and a lot of encouragement! I feel like now I have a good set of tools and feel more confident about how to use them to create connections and start collaborations. It's not a subject that is widely discussed so it's really a useful course!"

Meet Zsofi

"The Out of the Blue Clients course is very well structured and easy to understand. It's full of hands-on tools, so you'll definitely wanna take it if you lack leads towards your business. Steph is very good at explaining your opportunities and raising attention to potential mistakes. No matter your personality, you'll find at least one action you're comfortable trying, and the rest will follow!"

what OOTBC students have to say:

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5 Course Modules

11 Bonuses


Meet Lucy

"I love Steph's approach to building relationships with your audience and being present to share expertise and value, rather than pushing a sale. It's an approach that really resonates with my values and makes the aims of the course seem very achievable from where I am now. Many courses are good at inspiring you but leave you clueless as to how to implement what you've learned. OOTBC provides step-by-step ideas for implementation which I'm sure I will continue to refer to in the future."

Meet Kathryn

"I was feeling overwhelmed with the collaboration opportunities that I kept finding myself in. Steph’s course has given me so many actionable steps to work through this season of my new business. I was so thrilled to see so many amazing bonus features added to this course! I can’t believe all of this is in the mini-course. I look forward to creating strong collaborations with my new friends! 2021 is going to be an epic year with Steph’s resources. 100/10 would recommend Steph!"

Meet Madison

"Before I took this course I was feeling overwhelmed when it came to collaborations & leadership. After working through each module, I feel ready to tackle collabs with other entrepreneurs, as well as hosting my own trainings here and there for my audience! I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone needing help building the skills and confidence to take on the world of collaboration & leadership!"

social proof of what becomes possible

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Steph Wharton

Hey there! I’m Steph, a brand and business coach for creatives. I help you stand out authentically so that you can book out your business and achieve your dream lifestyle.

I believe that leadership and connection can make a drastic difference in your business.

Last year alone, I collaborated with 18 different entrepreneurs in under 7 months. Over 60% of those collaborations came to life through them reaching out to me to work together, and collectively brought in 5-figures in sales out of the blue.

I’ve now re-engineered my methods so that you too can start to attract clients out of the blue.

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