It is time to inject some personality into your brand so that you can differentiate yourself, gain a loyal following of dream clients, and scale your business for higher profit and time freedom.


YOU'VE tried IT all, but NOTHING seems to "CLICK"

You’re a lover of Pinterest and Google, and have opted in to every freebie imaginable, only to get mediocre results.

Your messaging and brand doesn’t seem to be attracting the right people (dare I say it just falls flat?).

You spend so much time trying to find new clients that you are left with little time to actually come up with the systems that do the work for you.

You know it’s important to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd but aren’t sure how to be different and catch people’s attention.

You are too emotionally invested in your own business to figure out what strategies will work and what will be a complete waste of your time.

You keep seeing people hiring coaches and drastically grow their businesses but aren’t sure if it’s going to happen to you.

WHAT IF you had...

A solid plan on how to position your offers, speak directly to your ideal client, and seamlessly convert your leads into paying clients.

A unique brand full of personality that helps you stand out from the crowd as the go-to expert in your field.

The systems in place that allow you to have constant leads coming in so that you can earn consistent $5k and $10k months.

Passive income streams that allow you to earn income while you sleep (work smarter not harder!).

Financial and time freedom to do all of the things you’ve been putting off (let’s start checking off that bucketlist!).

that SOUNDS all too FAMILIAR to me

I remember the moment I worked on my own strategy, hired a coach, had my first passive income sale, set up new systems, and scaled my business.

My whole world changed.

I went from working 24/7 to taking evenings and weekends off.


I went from working with anyone to only working with dream clients who were not only a perfect fit but were actually ready to invest in my high-ticket offers.


I went from having a somewhat exciting business to a fully successful one that allowed me to dream even bigger.

I had finally built a brand worth remembering.

I’m here to guide you so that you can finally see the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Meet Sonia

"Working with Steph was incredible! The strategy session was so intense and yet left me super energized. I still cannot believe I have a clear process for my web design clients, and it is such a good one! We brought to life exactly what was on my mind, complete with timeline, client homework, onboarding and offboarding processes: I just cannot wait to test it with my next client! Thank you so much Steph, I think every designer should work with you!"


1:1 coaching program


6 Months of Coaching

Unlimited Coaching Calls

Unlimited Messaging

(during business hours)

Content Review

(my eyes on your stuff for feedback)


FREE Design Process Templates

(for designers only)

FREE access to the Booked Out Collective

(for designers only)

ready for consistent $10k+ months?
Jeanne Carlier Testimonial Headshot.jpg
Jeanne C.,

Steph was a delight to work with!


She really helped me get out of my comfort zone, find confidence in myself and it was wonderful to have someone with whom to celebrate my wins.


I am on the unconventional side when it comes to social media use and she really helped me find strategies that fit my needs and that felt right.


She is super creative and I'd love the opportunity to work together again.

D5883416-60DC-4717-815B-15A54643BF11 - K
Kathryn H.,
Construction Mentor

How do you begin to explain how amazing it is to work with such a talented, intelligent, hard-working human being?


She is basically your best friend and business cheerleader right off the bat. (That simple practice on her part has inspired me to strive for it with my community.)


I felt like she was a part of my team and held me accountable.


Stephanie has given me the tools and confidence to get my community started. I know I will continue to reach out to her as I grow and pivot in my newly created organization.

Donna K.,
VR Specialist

I really need to thank Steph for all of her support and coaching. She encouraged me to dream and the dreams are happening!!!

She is definitely doing her highest gift!

She is seriously great at this. She knows when to push or pull and when to hang back and then just give a gentle reminder that she's there, ready, willing and able to step back in!!

let's get you the results you want sooner rather than later!
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client testimonial
client testimonial
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meet STEPH

Steph Wharton

Steph has an immense love for branding, fine-tuning processes, and cutting through the clutter.​

Having started off her entrepreneurship journey as a brand designer, quitting her 9-5 and scaling her design business, she knows exactly what you're going through and what it takes to make it in this industry.

Combining her training skills and her love for teaching, she has created a 1:1 coaching program to help you stand out and create the systems inside your business for consistent profit and time freedom.