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4 Free Must Have Apps You Need to Up-Level Your Social Media

Updated: May 17, 2020

Download these free apps and make posting on social media that much easier!

Social media makes me want to throw my phone at the wall some days.

Some days it’s the ever changing algorithm. Other days it’s my pounding headache caused by scrolling for what feels like hours.

There’s days when I cannot come up with content for the life of me and I just stare blankly at my screen waiting for something to appear.

THAT BEING SAID... Social media is obviously not all bad.

Take Instagram for starters.

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you immediately gain access to millions of people around the world who could turn into raving fans and potential clients.

Distance and time zones no longer play a role.

Given that Instagram is such a visual app, all it takes is a well branded feed to pique the interest of your viewers. Once you’ve got them interested in what you’ve got to show, get them hooked on what you’ve got to say.

If you’re ready to take Instagram to the next level for your business, Instagram stories is QUEEN.

Just because it’s useful however, doesn’t mean it no longer gives me a headache.

In order to avoid the exhaustion and burnout, there are a couple of apps I count on every day to make Instagram that much easier to be on.

Bonus: all of these apps are free!

This app let’s me upload all my images in advance, add beautiful filters, caption them, select my hashtags, and schedule them, for free!

Not only that but the app lets you re-arrange your feed preview so that you can decide what layout looks the most aesthetically pleasing. This is a huge perk for those who are visually inclined and not so techy.

When it comes to photos, if you don’t have any in your camera roll, the app automatically syncs to your Google Drive which makes accessing all of your photos as easy as possible.

And if you run out of good images and don’t have time to do a quick photoshoot? The Preview.App has free stock photos at the click of a button.

This app is your one stop shop to quickly and easily create graphics for all of your social media needs.

They not only provide you with the exact dimensions required for all posts ranging from IG posts, stories, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. But they also provide creative done for you templates. All you need to do is insert an image you like, edit the text and colours, and you’re ready to download and post!

If you’re a little more creative, you can drag and drop different shapes, design elements, and varied fonts to create a template of your own.

Have a great photograph but the lighting or mood isn’t quite right?

Lightroom is a photo editing app that allows you to adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, and more, so that you can create a gorgeous aesthetic. Using the same filters on all of your pictures helps create some of the most appealing Instagram feeds!

Keeping all my files easily accessible regardless of where I am is a must.

Google Drive allows me to keep all of my photographs (both the ones I’ve taken with my cell phone as well as with my DSLR camera) in one spot so that I can access them whenever I want.

Not only that but I can also keep all of my client files on there as well for them to download!

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Each one of these apps makes it easier to manage my Instagram account and save me a lot of time each day.

What are your favourite apps? Share them with me in the comment section!

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